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Valid 2020 Investor Certificates for Execution (FSMA FPO 2018)

  • New 2018 FSMA rules are in place in the Alternative Investment market

  • Marketing, Due Diligence & Investor Eligibility requirements have changed

  • A number of specialist Due Diligence and Introducing firms have closed in 2019-20

  • MJSM's investor-friendly 2020 market solution is being adopted by UK market-leaders

New Investor Certificates for Execution

Changes to the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) 2000 in the Financial Promotion Order (FPO) 2018 are now being enforced in the market.

There are a few additions to the familiar Investor Declarations which are required by investors before receiving offer documents.

Some obvious amendments include short multiple-choice questions to prove a basic understanding of risk concepts and, importantly, that evidence must be held to support the declarations.

The requirements apply to all issuers and investors. Online registration can require several stages to be completed and approved before offer documents are available by the issuers who have already adopted this process.

This can be disjointed when reviewing and comparing offers in the market, however MJSM streamlines this process for investors and our system is now being utilised by leading issuers in 2020.

MJSM Solution and Investor benefits

MJSM have simple, easy-to-navigate Investor Certificates for Execution which have been designed by a senior compliance team, which can be completed in one go and forwarded to approved investment issuers on the investor's behalf. This unlocks all offer documents, Due Diligence files and settlement instructions immediately.

MJSM is entrusted with this market-compliant approach for leading UK Issuers and is registered with the ICO as a data handler (Financial Services).

On successful submission of your Certificate and supporting documents, you will be sent a log-in email directly from the Issuer with unrestricted access to offer documents and settlement instructions at the click of a button.

You will need to have available to upload

  • Passport or driving licence (AML)

  • Proof of address dated within 3 months such as utility bill (AML)

  • Proof of investor status (FSMA)

Data Security

MJSM's website is hosted on a Secure Server (SSL) but Investor Certificates are hosted by secure APIs to an appropriate GDPR / HIPAA level (a paid Jotform subscription or equivalent doesn't guarantee this).

Valid Certificate for Execution forms:

High Net Worth Individual (HNWI)

Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor (SCSI)