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MJSM ⏦ Investments & FMSA

Focus: Income & Equity (EIS)
"Flagship" ("Best-in-UK") issuers
​Income: 1-5yr bonds
Equity: EIS with grants
Excellent tools & support
Diligence & FSMA review

MJSM ⏦ Investments & FMSA

Lead Generation
Financial Services data agent (ICO)
High Net Worth & Sophisticated
FSMA certification
Qualified for interest
Appropriateness & AML checks
FSMA compliance portal

MJSM ⏦ Investments & FMSA

Breakthrough Tech
Incredible AI telco & CRM plugin

New tech on trial at Tier-1 banks

Powerful sales & training​ tools

Easy compliance protection

Govt-backed investor features

Simple CRM integration

MJSM ⏦ Investments & FMSA

FSMA Compliance
Leading UK solution

Simple-to-follow compliance

Qualified expert support

FSMA-reviewed processes

Due diligence files for audit

Simple processes & training

MJSM ⏦ Investments & FMSA

FSMA Investor Eligibility
Financial Promotion Order (FPO) 2005
Incorporating the 2018 Update
High Net Worth & Sophisticated Certification
Financial Services & Markets Act (FSMA) 2000
White-labelled or outsourced (ICO / LCCI / EISA)
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